Our philosophy

Be the partner of our clients, providing security, confidence, value and generating business opportunities. We have to have the best service and the best quality at a reasonable price.

We face the needs of our customers with a 100% resolute spirit and the rigor of a 21st century company “Always getting better”.


The clients of Iberalcohol are in Good Hands:


It is essential to gain the confidence of the market.


The quality in its maximum exponent. The efficiency taken to the maximum.


Be better in service, quality and price so that our customers feel at home.


With our customers, our workers and the environment.


We love our work and that generates happiness, which we transmit to our team and our customers.


We stand on the side of our clients. Any need or problem, we will be there as to provide the most efficient and honest solution.



It is an absolute priority. We maintain alliances with top-level suppliers, which guarantees the quality of our products. We have the confidence and support of the main manufacturers of global alcohols.

We adapt to the particular specifications of the client regarding the products consumed.

Intimately related to quality, there is Traceability control. We work with extremely demanding companies in the pharmaceutical sector, spirits, fine chemicals, paints, automotive, etc. We know the importance of the quality of the products and the control of traceability of the product supplied and therefore we act accordingly.


Customers must receive their orders in the shortest possible time. Iberalcohol´s service has to be excellent, because we have customers who, due to their high consumption or their limited storage capacity, need supplies with a lot of recurrence and adjusted in date and almost hours.

  • Service in 48 hours maximum in Spain and Portugal if necessary.
  • In critical moments of availability of alcohols, we have always responded to our customers, guaranteeing them products at reasonable prices, always thinking that the relationship with our customers must be medium to long term.


We take care of providing the most efficient logistics services while minimizing costs for our clients. We are generally competitive. If it were not like that, we would not be selling and growing in the market.


We are a company with more than 40 years of experience in the distribution of alcohols and solvents.

We respect and are proud of our past, but we have prepared ourselves for the new times. The world has changed and so have our clients, that have become increasingly demanding. We have been hard at work. We listen to our clients and adapt to their demands. Always Forward Improving.

From our latest generation facilities in Valdemoro, Madrid, the most modern of the market in the downtown area, we serve customers currently from Spain, Portugal, France, Italy and many other countries.

Foto de antiguas instalaciones en 1985.
Old facilities.


Individually we are good, as a team, no one can stop us. We believe in persons, in our team. We are a happy company, and that is transmitted to the customers.

We all row in the same direction: that our customers identify us as their reference supplier of alcohol because they are sure that with us they are calm, they are in good hands.

Within our team we can find chemists, oenologists, pharmacists, engineers, economists, experts in occupational and marketing risks, warehouse professionals and highly trained drivers. Ongoing training (in legislative changes, new technologies, security, etc.) at work is also a strong point in our company.

Ongoing training (in legislative changes, new technologies, security, etc.) is also a strong point in our company.