Everything we do, what inspires us, is to evolve, adapt to the market and be able to anticipate changes.


The way to improve, to grow, is to focus on the client.


What is the client looking for? Tranquility. Clients can rest assured that they are in good hands.


Our products are first quality alcohols and brandys.


IBERALCOHOL is a company dedicated to the distribution of all types of ethyl alcohol for the industry.

We are a historic company fully adapted to the XXI century and therefore modern, professional and focused on our customers.

The Company is currently the only alcohol tax warehouse in Madrid, being the largest distribution complex of alcohols and spirits in Spain and Portugal and with it the main supplier of alcohols in those countries.

What do we offer to our clients?

Be their PARTNER, adding value and generating business opportunities.

An EFFICIENT supplier that provides an integral service so that price, quality and service are critical as well as offering our market, taxes and legislation knowledge to advise and accompany our clients.

What we are not

What we are

We are not newcomers.

We are a stable, consolidated company, which seeks to establish lasting relationships and always honest.

We are not always the cheapest.

We are always competitive without compromising quality or adequate means.

We are not a multinational.

We are a family company passionate about what it does: serve our customers in the most efficient way.

We are not a slow giant.

We are the DOLPHIN of chemistry: agile and fast.

We are not a broker quoting prices.

We negotiate as to have the best prices for our clients, we “fight” for the these prices, we offer them to our clients, and we add much more value.

We are not a machine.

We are a happy company with a committed team, which offers 100% of itself.